What is Online Physical Therapy and Its Role in Healthcare

People have come to utilize technology in almost all aspects of their life over the last few decades. Technology has enabled people to find new horizons in every walk of life. Medical Services are no different from this exposure to technology. These advancements have helped geographically distant or displaced patients to communicate with health care professionals using voice and video systems. We have seen how technology has reshaped many industries. The rehabilitation industry is now adopting the use of video technology. Specific platforms can now deliver custom-tailored physical therapy services via video rather than in-person. Virtualptdoc.com uses one of the latest and greatest online physical therapy platforms to deliver physical therapy services anywhere.


Another definition coined by the American Physical Therapy Association known as the APTA states that “use of electronic communication and technology to remotely provide healthcare information and services.” This practice is becoming increasingly popular among patients and their attendants as well as healthcare practitioners and professionals because online physical therapy provides more flexibility in providing therapy services. From the comfort of your home or office, you will get the necessary consultation and instruction from a medical practitioner remotely.

Why Should We Choose Virtual Physical Therapy?

Virtual medical treatment has multiple benefits for both patients and therapists. Some ways that it can improve the healthcare system and help people recover are the following:

  • Accessibility: Immediate access to physical therapy services, no matter where you are located in is a tremendous benefit. Having access to online physical therapy will help you achieve the best results for your injuries. You may even be able to remain in touch with your therapist after initial visits and in-person therapy sessions. Additionally, it can connect you to a live physical therapist if you live in a remote location and do not have one available in your community.
  • Ensure Home Safety: If a patient is on post-surgical precautions or at risk of falling, a physical therapist will be able to help. During your online physical therapy visit, you can discuss ways to improve the safety of your home. You can also talk about what you should do if you fall or how you can modify your home environment.
  • Personalized Care: During a private online physical therapy session, you will work one-on-one with your therapist, without any distractions. You also can involve your family members or caregivers in your appointment to help you with the routines as well.
  • Success Rates: Research shows higher success rates with online physical therapy because people are more likely to stick with their exercise routines. Especially, when you are getting professional guidance with each one of your rehabilitation exercises.
  • Save Time and Money: With online physical therapy visits, you do not have to travel to the clinic. You do not have to wait in the waiting room for your session anymore. You can quickly start your session at your convenience. Then, you can get back to your routine again. How convenient!

What You Need For Online Physical Therapy

Let’s look into the things you need to be eligible for online physical therapy:

  1. A good and stable internet connection will ensure a smooth conversation with your Physical Therapist.
  2. Space to lie down, walk, stretch, and turn around, so your therapist can see how your body moves. Since your therapist will be instructing you to do certain movements and activities. Having a good broad space for easy movement is necessary.
  3. Good lighting is also a key part to ensure before the start of the session. Your therapist needs to see your every move clearly, and without good lighting, it may be not easy to assess your moves.

Different Ways of Delivering Telehealth

Now let’s take a look at different ways of delivering Telehealth PT.

  • Live Video: This is on a continuous online platform that permits dynamic interaction between the client and therapist. This may include platforms like skype, zoom, google duo, Whatsapp, etc.
  • Image Transfer: This includes the transfer of select images for the purpose of treatment.
  • Data Transfer: This includes the transfer of information through non-image or video methods like emailing medical records, exercise plans etc.

Online Physical Therapy During COVID-19

We live in an on-demand society. People want what they want when they want it. Even before COVID-19 began dominating our daily lives, people were changing how they approached life. As COVID-19 began to spread widely and people feared leaving their homes. All industries including the medical field dove headfirst into the telehealth world as a means to provide essential care.


The Bottom Line

With the changing times, technologies have evolved so much. This evolution has led to advancements in every walk of life, including the way people access healthcare. People now tend towards immediate access to healthcare and do not like to wait. This has enabled the Physical Therapy industry to explore the new paradigm of Telehealth. Online physical therapy allows therapists and patients to have more one-on-one time for better results while benefiting both to save time and money. Online sessions are held remotely without leaving the comfort of your home. Book your FREE virtual consultation at virtualptdoc.com with a board-certified physical therapist in the comfort of your own home.