What is “Arthritis”

Osteoarthritis (“Arthritis”) won the award for being among the most commonly associated age-related disorders. Everyone knows that as we get older things don’t usually work as well as they used to before. Scientists determined that our “peak biological condition” is reached by the age of 26 years old on average. So it is logical to think that from there on out it is best to make sure we preserve our physical and biological function. We all do this the best way we can, but life takes over and we begin our physiological decline. Arthritis is one of those disorders that affect our joints, cartilage, bones, and other tissues. Even though Osteoarthritis (OA) aka “Arthritis” is the most common form of arthritis in this world. It comes in two (2) forms; primary osteoarthritis and secondary osteoarthritis. We will be discussing what arthritis is, how it looks like, and how virtualptdoc.com can help you.

X-ray of Osteoarthritis In The Knee Joint

Arthritis is a disorder that can affect any joint of your body. Arthritis targets the articular cartilage which covers the edges of the bones in your joint and helps them glide over one another smoothly. As we age our body experiences pathological changes causing a loss and damage to our articular cartilage. This is considered primary osteoarthritis. Our body flags this damage as a threat and activates a defense mechanism. Your body starts to form more bone tissue making your bones in the joint thicker and possibly develop osteophytes (bone spurs). All this extra bone formation and friction causes inflammation of the synovium (membrane covering our bones) and we start to feel pain and stiffness in our joints. Secondary osteoarthritis can happen when your articular cartilage is damaged because of another disease or condition such as having a previous injury in that region, obesity, diabetes, and many other possible conditions.

Why is it Important to Know About Arthritis?

According to scientists and researchers, arthritis is a common joint disease in people that are 65 years old and up. Based on radiography, researchers have shown the occurrence to be as high as approximately 90% in women and 80% in men. This is a significantly high number of people in the world that are affected by arthritis. Of course, we cannot control our aging process, but we can control what we can do about it. If you went to a doctor and they said you have to do surgery, wait! You are reading this post because you want to find ways to feel better and the board-certified physical therapists at virtualptdoc.com are ready to help guide you. There are many non-pharmacological management techniques you can do to get relief for arthritis and you can take advantage of a FREE consultation at virtualptdoc.com.

How Arthritis Looks Like In Your Joint

3 Tips and Reminders if you have Arthritis

1. Osteoarthritis is a disorder affecting the whole joint, not just cartilage.

2. There are effective non-pharmacological and pharmacological treatments available for the management of osteoarthritis; nonpharmacological treatments should be tried first.

3. Surgery may be considered when all other medical treatment has failed.

Now that you know what arthritis is, how it affects your joints, body, and life you are getting a step ahead of this disorder. My goal is to increase awareness of how arthritis affects your life and guide you in process of your recovery. You can book an appointment for a FREE virtual consultation at virtualptdoc.com with a board-certified physical therapist in the comfort of your own home. Get ahead of arthritis! Thank you for reading!

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