Taylor Rossi

Doctor of Physical Therapy

My goals as your physical therapist are to give you the autonomy to heal your musculoskeletal pain, optimize your movement, and prevent re-injury. I provide expertise and education in techniques that you can implement today to take control of your physical health. I pay attention to the details of your movement to identify not only the source of your pain but the reason behind it. With this knowledge, I prescribe personalized exercise and stretching programs to address your specific needs and help you prevent pain from returning so you can keep doing the things you love! With a 15 year history as a professional artistic roller figure skater, I have extensive experience in understanding what is needed to maintain optimal physical performance for athletic participation. Additionally, my experience on tour through the US as the physical therapist for the Broadway musical FROZEN also gives me expertise in working with dancers and performing artists. I completed my B.S. in Health Science from Saint Mary’s College of CA and received my Doctorate in Physical Therapy from Chapman University. Furthermore, I completed an orthopedic residency at postgraduate school. I am equipped to help people of all activity levels, ages, musculoskeletal injuries, and post-surgical recoveries. Want to work with me from the comfort of your home? My services are available for residents of CA, GA, NY, and TX only. Reach out below.