Doctor of Physical Therapy

I’ve always been very active and enjoy running, bicycling, and playing tennis. I have experienced many athletic injuries and I believe that every injury requires attention to detail and an evidence-based treatment approach. In my role as a Physical Therapist at VPT, I aspire to live up to this notion by giving you the tools necessary for your recovery and wellness.
With a knack for problem solving and biomechanics, I’m passionate about finding innovative ways to optimize your rehabilitation and improve your well-being. I bring a unique perspective to the work we do by pushing the team to adapt to challenges and be innovative. My professional values can be summed up as follows:


I am a University of the Sciences of Philadelphia graduate with a DPT in Physical Therapy. Go, Devils! The best part of what I do? Help people like you take control of their recovery. Hands down.
Reach out down below if you want to find out if virtual physical therapy is right for you or chat about the latest episode of love is blind.